Forposta - Poczta nowej generacji



ForPOSTA Ltd. is one of the few companies that have operated in the market in Poland for the longest time. As a long-term, key subcontractor of Polish Post, the company perfectly knows market reality and needs, and the expectations of business customers in the field of postal services.

Standard letters in the standard of registered letters!

Due to many years of practice, the Operator has developed a unique operational solutions that reduce unnecessary costs while maintaining high quality services, offering clients, among others:

  • Innovative solutions enabling delivery confirmations (even for standard letters!). Each client is given the opportunity to obtain delivery confirmation (in the form of a system, text message or e-mail) of even standard letters!
  • Integrated IT system in co-operation with modern mobile devices. Complete tool, which enables posting, management and monitoring (also by a customer) of correspondence and parcels in real time in a convenient way, without absorbing valuable time.
  • The highest quality of service: safety and timeliness. Correspondence and parcels, posted through ForPOSTA Ltd., are executed in accordance with the highest standards in cooperation with a nationwide network of postmen and agencies and local sorting hubs. Due to solutions created on the basis of years of experience and in combined with the latest technologies, the company offers its customers ongoing reliability and timeliness of postal services with unavailable so far quality on the market.
  • Reduce business costs. ForPOSTA Ltd. uses unique operational solutions reducing unnecessary costs in the process of handling correspondence and parcels. Due to implemented standards of the company, companies receive the most attractive prices in terms of correspondence and parcels delivery.
  • Clients’ time is respected. ForPOSTA Ltd. offers services that do not absorb valuable time of its customers by offering solutions that respond to the highest expectations in the era of the modern economy.

Guaranteed quality of courier services in the price of postal service!