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ForPOSTA Ltd. offers comprehensive customer service for the distribution of advertising materials:

  • Unaddressed distribution – to Euro Mailboxes,
  • Addressed distribution – delivering advertisement to indicated address
  • Selective distribution – the client choses the place where the advertisement shall be placed
  • Storage and complementation of given advertising material
  • Planning, analysis and selection of areas of distribution based on a number of variables
  • Accurate estimation of input for distribution on the basis of copyright databases
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Preview of distribution progress by the use of the interactive map and ongoing reporting of completed tasks – the description of this innovative service is located in distribution strategy subpage.


ForPOSTA S.A. offers the following distribution forms:

  • Unaddressed distribution of given materials to Euro mailboxes, standard mailboxes or given locations – the best fit for this segment are mass products and services
  • Addressed distribution – i.e. delivering customer’s advertisement for given addresses on a given location.
  • Selective distribution -  distribution, in which the client points the out target group (e.g. gender, age)
  • Hand to hand distribution - street marketing – a leaflet is directly handed in to potential customers’ hands. This form of distribution shall be implemented in areas of the city, where congestion of people is higher, such as: busy streets, shopping centres or squares.
  • Other forms of distribution (consulted and agreed upon with a client).

For interested parties we guarantee non-competitive distribution, which means that advertising materials will not be delivered to potential customers at the same time with competitors’ materials  


The decision to order the distribution of advertising materials is associated with entrusting distribution companies. Distribution, which is correctly carried out, does not aim at reaching the target group, but its purpose is to actually reach the client and grab his/her attention.

ForPOSTA Ltd. operates on the basis of a complex system of control, implementing 3 internal audits and final, official audit with the presence of the ordering party.

Such control scheme allows us to fully evaluate and control proper distribution works.

Thus ForPOSTA Ltd. ensures correct distribution of advertising materials, which is controlled at each stage of implementation:

  • Regional coordinators supervision (internal, carried out on a regular basis). Each coordinator constantly analyses the work of his distribution group.
  • Comparative supervision (internal). At the end of each day of distribution, the distribution cards are sent to the company’s registered office, where they are subjected to precise analysis before the main coordinator, i.e. data entered by distributors in distribution cards are compiled with a detailed, fully updated database
  • Supervision over a team of controllers (internal control). Additional verification is based on the vision of a local team of controllers that is sent to the selected distribution locations. Complementarily in such supervision, telephone confirmations are also carried out, i.e. people living in the area of distribution are asked random queries.
  • Final supervision with the presence of the ordering party. It guarantees a joint control that is solid, developed for the benefit of the customer and carried out with the presence of a representative of the Customer ordering joint control. The terms of this control are listed in the distribution contract.


  • ForPOSTA Ltd. employees on request of the customer can provide activity potential analysis, i.e. help in the selection of areas, in which the distribution is to be conducted, as well as estimating the amount of printing needed for distribution.
    • These activities are possible due to possession of accurate address database containing detailed information on the amount of households and businesses in all the streets in every city in Poland, as well as on areas, where there is an administrative ban on distribution.
    • With such an accurate address database, the company is able to precisely estimate the amount of printing required to distribution, so that customer does not suffer any additional costs related to surplus of printed material.
    • The company’s solution guarantees material savings with simultaneous maximization of the customer’s promotion effect.


ForPOSTA Ltd. offers attractive and competitive prices of advertising materials distribution.

The offer for each customer is individual. Price list is unified, the price depends on several factors that determine the details of distribution.

Distribution services prices depend on the following factors:

  • Type of distribution
  • The territory, in which the distribution is to be performed
  • The amount of advertising material printing
  • The size and the weight of advertising material
  • The frequency of performer activities
  • Transportation costs of advertising materials
  • The type of distribution region (urban, rural, mixed)
  • The amount of days, in which the distribution is to be performed.

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