Forposta - Poczta nowej generacji



ForPOSTA Ltd. offers one of the most innovative solutions in the field of delivery services in Poland. Due to the use of the latest technology, the Operator provides postal services on the basis of a fully integrated system of management and monitoring of correspondence and parcels. It allows us to offer our customers a unique quality of services.

Postal Services:

ForPOSTA Ltd. offers the possibility of posting standard parcels, registered mail and unaddressed mail. In order to increase the convenience of services, each customer has the opportunity to receive parcels’ status confirmation in the form of text messages, e-mails or system.

  • Municipal Post Service (local reception and delivery): Reception and delivery of correspondence and parcels between the sender and the receiver within the city or agglomeration, based on local sorting hubs within D+1 time limit.
  • Inter-municipal and Nationwide Post service (reception and delivery between the cities and in the rest of the country): The service enables efficient reception and delivery of correspondence and parcels between supported cities and their agglomerations (D+3) within their own network, based on local sorting hubs and central transhipment warehouse (HUB).

In the scope of parcels delivery in the rest of the country, the company cooperates with major postal brokers in Poland, which allows us to execute deliveries while maintaining the highest safety at the lowest prices! Consolidation of postal services on such a large scale helps to ensure delivery service even in the smallest towns.

Each service is distinguished by unique features.