Forposta - Poczta nowej generacji


Modern IT solutions are primarily free applications that the company provides to its customers. It is characterised by simple and fast interface, through which business customers have the opportunity not only to post correspondence and parcels, but also receive a confirmation of executed deliveries.

The idea of creating a management system and the system of delivery process control was versatility, that is why the customer is able to use every solution by the use of every available Internet browser.

The application enables its customers to use one-click system that facilitates organising correspondence for every customer in one place. The client does not have to maintain paper posting book and browse multiple pages in order to find a single parcel. The whole process is ensured by a dedicated ERP system, which combined with a unique barcode labelling of all parcels, including standard letters, gives required reliability and quality of delivery. Postmen equipped with modern mobile devices will deliver the correspondence and parcels that are monitored in real time by GPS.

In other words, as in the case of couriers, postmen of ForPOSTA Ltd. are equipped with modern Motorola mobile devices that allow regular oversight of routes and timely delivery of mail and parcels. By executing orders of recipients directly at their address, the application generates confirmation of reception of such orders based on GPS position.

Basic features of IT solutions:

1. Full integration with customers’ system/device!

2. Integration with other postal operators!

3. Adjusting the type and form of address forms to our client! 
The client receives the choice of numerous possibilities, among others: standard printing, placing the label in the pad or direct printing on an envelope.

4. Simple and intuitive interface that facilitates the management of posted correspondence!

5. Confirmation of deliveries in chosen electronic form (system, text message, e-mail)!

6. Search engine for post codes that facilitates posting of the correspondence! Feel free to use our dedicated device.