Forposta - Poczta nowej generacji



Distribution begins at the time of receiving advertising materials.

The distribution is performed by several mobile distribution groups that consist of averagely 3-5 people. The number of groups depends on the size of the amount of printing for distribution, type of area, and deadlines, in which the distribution is to be carried out.

In addition, ForPOSTA Ltd. is at the disposal of additional distributors, who often live in areas where the distribution is carried out. In case of an emergency, they are ready to carry out tasks, thus the risk that the service will not be executed on time is eliminated.


Every single campaign is precisely planned

  1. Upon receiving a list of areas, on which distribution is to be carried out, from the client, each village is divided into sectors of distribution, which borders are defined along the streets and natural structures, i.e. rivers.
  2. Specific distribution group is assigned to each sector ( on average a group that consists of 3-5 people, including the group’s coordinator).
  3. The customer is given a distribution schedule that contains information about days, in which distribution is performed in specific regions/sectors.


ForPOSTA Ltd. uses the entire range of tools, due to which any client, with considerable involvement of the Operator’s employees, has the possibility to verify the amount of material intended for distribution and adjustment of selected regions, and even individual streets, for their advertising needs. Due to solutions used by the company, the customer has the ability to oversee the whole process of distribution.