Forposta - Poczta nowej generacji


ForPOSTA Ltd. as a registered national postal operator has 13 years of experience in the postal and courier market. The company has gained experience over years in the field of delivery service through the execution of contractual orders on the Polish territory, mainly for Polish Post and in cooperation with a number of nationwide retail chains.

The basic business activity of the National Postal Operator ForPOSTA Ltd. is a comprehensive correspondence service for business clients.

The mission of ForPOSTA Ltd. is to provide innovative postal solutions at the lowest possible price and minimal customer involvement, while maintaining the highest quality service. The company continuously focuses on developing and ultimately strengthening the position of the National Postal Operator as a leader in the field of new generation postal services for business clients.

In accordance with its mission, the Operator provides reliable and technologically advanced solutions in the field of postal delivery service, thus ensuring attractive prices and full control over sent parcels and other types of mail. Due to the introduction of a number of practical tools (also available for customers) that are used to, among others, check confirmations of correspondence and parcel status, the client receives an opportunity to fully control the quality of services provided by ForPOSTA Ltd. Applied advanced technological solutions as an integrated system platform with the application of "tracking" delivery process in collaboration with modern Motorola mobile devices with scanning function and GPS, in which each postman is equipped with provides a guarantee of the highest security and timely delivery.

Offering the customer a possibility to monitor the whole delivery process, and above all to a possibility to receive delivery confirmation (in the form of system reports, e-mails, text messages) of even standard letters!

ForPOSTA Ltd. offers:

  • 13 years of experience in the delivery industry. The operator is a long-term subcontractor of Polish Post, delivering with the use of its own structures more than 1.5 million of parcels and other types of mail. Executing more than 1 billion deliveries, the company is also a dynamic entity operating on a nationwide  market of distribution of unaddressed printing
  • Comprehensive service of correspondence reception and delivery, mail and distribution of unaddressed mail for business customers
  • Lowest prices, unique technological solutions based on a dedicated system and mobile devices registering delivery status
  • Full correspondence and mail monitoring with unique service of delivery confirmations of even standard letters! (in the form of system reports, e-mails and text messages)
  • The cheapest standard letter up to the weight of 350 grams (approx. 50 sheets of A4)
  • Express delivery services (even one day from the date of posting the mail) based on ISO standards, ensuring the highest quality and full supervision over delivery process
  • Minimal involvement of the customer- receiving mail at the client’s location by a dedicated ForPOSTA Ltd. postman. New quality in the field of postal services, reserved so far to the best courier services
  • Fixed, low prices of inter-urban delivery at the cost of urban delivery
  • E-notification, i.e. Electronic service notifying the customer about left notification, executed in the form of e-mail or text message
  • Non-cash settlement (coming soon) of charges based on mobile devices adapted to payment cards

* applicable in the case of urban and agglomeration service in all the cities of delivery network of ForPOSTA Ltd.

ForPOSTA Ltd.:

  • NIP (Taxpayer Identification Number): 954-23-78-403
  • REGON (Industry Identification Number): 277512722 
  • KRS (Court Register Number):  0000391895